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Donlands Station second exit / entrance:
TTC contractors start locating utilities

Update — Monday, July 24, 12:34 p.m.: Contractors start drilling boreholes to study soil conditions in the area Wednesday, July 26.

The TTC intends to build a second exit / automatic entrance to Donlands Station. After working with local residents, the TTC identified 17 / 19 Dewhurst Boulevard as the site for the new structure. The Toronto Transit Commission unanimously approved the site during its meeting of February 21.

As a first step in planning the project, contractors started surveying the local area, Monday, March 27.

Next, contractors locate underground utilities on the streets, sidewalks and front lawns, Mondays to Fridays from about 8 a.m. until 4 p.m., starting Monday, June 19. They’re marking the location of gas, water, sanitary-sewer, storm-sewer and other underground utilities with spray paint, stakes, or flags, then surveying their sites. Field staff try to contact building occupants directly before they work on front lawns.

They’ll also dig five utility test holes in the street, using heavy equipment during daytime. Expect noise.