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TTC installing PRESTO fare-gates
at Islington Station, starting August 31

The TTC continues to install new PRESTO fare gates at more stations.

Islington Station is next.

TTC crews are removing turnstiles and high gates and replacing them with new, PRESTO-enabled, paddle-style fare gates. The new gates provide easier access and improve the flow of passengers into and out of stations.

Crews start working at the main entrance Thursday, August 31 until “late November” or Tuesday, November 30.

A temporary PRESTO card reader will be available beside the station collector during both phases of construction.

The TTC is closing the second exit, 11 p.m. Tuesday, September 5. Crews work at this exit until “mid-October” or until Friday, October 20.

When construction is complete, you can again enter and exit the station at this entrance, but only with a PRESTO card.

To buy a PRESTO card, visit the Gateway Newstand in Islington station or