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No subway service, September 9, 10:
Sheppard West to Lawrence West


The TTC is closing its Line 1 (Yonge - University) subway between Sheppard West and Lawrence West stations this Saturday, September 9 and Sunday, September 10.

Line 1 subway trains operate only between Finch and Lawrence West stations this weekend.

While this part of the line is closed, TTC crews carry out essential track work in several locations on the closed section of the line.

This is the tenth of 14 weekend closures affecting this part of Line 1 this year, mostly resulting from TTC crews installing and testing its automatic train control system (ATC). The TTC previously closed this section of the line:

Upcoming weekend closures for this part of the line:

  • Saturday, September 16 and Sunday, September 17 - Sheppard West to St George;
  • Saturday, October 21 and Sunday, October 22 - Sheppard West to Wilson;
  • Saturday, November 4 and Sunday, November 5 - Sheppard West to St George; and
  • Saturday, December 2 and Sunday, December 3 - Sheppard West to Wilson.

Subway-replacement shuttle buses

(The TTC has not confirmed routing information. We’ve based this part of the post on information that the TTC has provided during previous closures of this and other nearby sections of the line.)

Southbound buses start their trips in Sheppard West Station, then proceed:

southward along William R. Allen Road;
west- and southward along Transit Road;
through Wilson Station bus terminal;
north- and eastward along Transit;
southward along Allen, the ramp to Yorkdale Road and Yorkdale, stopping near Yorkdale Station;
southward along Yorkdale and Allen;
eastward along Lawrence Avenue West; and then
southward into Lawrence West Station bus terminal,
ending their trips.

Northbound buses reverse the southbound routing.