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Tom Taylor Place Newmarket construction:
YRT detours start October 19

Update — Tuesday, November 28, 6:46 p.m.: Construction at Tom Taylor Place and the YRT detour continue until December 15.

Starting Monday, October 19, Region of York contractors are repaving the parking lot at

  • Tom Taylor Place,

a seniors’ residence in Newmarket.

York Region Transit is detouring buses operating along these routes, while the lot is closed:

  • 520 / 521 Newmarket community buses.

(Updated — Tuesday, November 28, 6:46 p.m.) Construction at Tom Taylor Place and the YRT detours continue “until late November” or until November 30 until December 15.

520 / 521 Newmarket community buses

(Updated — Tuesday, November 28, 6:46 p.m.) From Thursday, October 19 until Thursday, November 30 Friday, December 15, buses skip their stop at the entrance to Tom Taylor Place.

Instead, after stopping on Fernbank Road beside Magna Place, the buses proceed:

southward along Fernbank to the traffic circle, then continue
northward along Fernbank to a temporary stop just north of the circle.

After stopping to pick up passengers travelling to and from Tom Taylor Place, the buses resume their regular routes northward along Fernbank.