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Emergency exercise at Highway 407 Station:
November 22

TTC contractors continue working on the project to extend the Line 1 Yonge - University subway northwest to Vaughan.

The subway extension opens Sunday, December 17.

This Wednesday, November 22, from about 6 a.m. to noon, the TTC is conducting an emergency exercise in the tunnel north of the future Highway 407 Station to get ready for any possible emergencies when the new part of the rapid transit network is operating.

This is the second of two exercises for the TTC, first responders and community partners to test how they would respond to an emergency on the new extension.

The general scenario requires personnel to respond to an emergency by evacuating a subway train in the tunnel leaving Highway 407 Station, while maintaining operations elsewhere in the transit system. Emergency services and TTC activities take place at the station and the emergency exit building on Interchange Way just west of Jane Street. Emergency responders access the site through the exit building. The exercise involves about 350 participants in passenger roles.

TTC and emergency services personnel use white, non-toxic, theatrical smoke to simulate the emergency situation. The smoke emanates through the tunnel vent shafts at various locations, including in the station and Jane Street. Staff may use a megaphone intermittently during the exercise. You may notice some of this activity during the simulation at street level.

During the exercise, crews evacuate participants from the subway tunnel at Highway 407 Station at about 9 a.m. to a place of safety on the nearby parking lot. The exercise ends by 4 p.m.

York Region Transit, GO Transit and Vaughan emergency services — York Regional Police, Vaughan Fire and Rescue Services and York Region Paramedic Services, will participate in the exercise.

Brampton Transit, TTC and YRT buses operate normally along Jane Street during the exercise.

Note that the events is not open to the public or the media.

The TTC conducted a similar exercise at York University Station Wednesday, October 25.