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Brampton Transit revises route
to connect with TTC Line 1 subway

2017-001283_Zum_To_Subway_WebTile.jpgBrampton Transit is revising its 501 / 501A / 501C Züm Queen service so that passengers can directly connect with the TTC’s Line 1 Yonge - University subway at Vaughan Metropolitan Centre Station.

Starting Sunday, December 17, when the TTC opens its subway extension to Vaughan, passengers can exit the buses at the new Vaughan Metropolitan Centre vivastation / Züm station in the centre of the roadway on Highway 7 beside the subway station. From that covered structure on the roadway, passengers can descend to the concourse level of the TTC station by elevator, escalator or stairway.

BT is also revising the path the buses follow to and from York University’s Keele campus.

You must pay a second fare when transferring between BT buses and the subway.


501 / 501A / 501C Züm Queen

501 branch

Starting Sunday, December 17, eastbound buses operate along their usual route to Highway 7 and Edgeley Boulevard / Interchange Way, then proceed:

eastward along Highway 7;
southward along Jane Street;
westward along Highway 407;
southward along Keele Street;
westward along York Boulevard;
north- and westward along Vanier Lane;
northward along Ian Macdonald Boulevard to The Chimneystack Road,
ending their trips.

Eastbound buses drop off or pick up passengers at new Züm stations

  • Vaughan Metropolitan Centre and
  • Interchange Way.

At Vaughan Metropolitan Centre, buses enter a new covered station structure in the centre of Highway 7, beside the TTC subway station. Passengers can descend to the concourse level of the subway station directly from the street level by escalator, elevator or stairs.

At Interchange Way, a new Züm station on Jane Street replaces the previous vivastation / Züm station on Interchange west of Jane.

Buses no longer operate along Interchange Way between Highway 7 and Jane Street or serve the Vaughan Corporate Centre vivastation / Züm station on Interchange south of Highway 7.

Westbound buses start their trips on Ian Macdonald Boulevard at The Chimneystack Road, then proceed:

north- and westward along Ian Macdonald;
northward along Founders Road;
westward along Steeles Avenue West;
northward along Jane Street; and then
westward along Highway 7 to Interchange Way / Edgeley Boulevard,
resuming their usual route westward along Highway 7.

501A and 501C branches

Buses continue to operate along their regular route, stopping on York University’s Keele campus on Ian Macdonald Boulevard north of The Chimneystack Road.