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TTC seasonal weekend service to Bluffer's Park starts May 6

This Sunday, May 6, Toronto Mayor John Tory, Toronto Transit Commission Chair Councillor Josh Colle and Councillor Gary Crawford officially launch accessible bus service along the TTC’s new 175 Bluffer’s Park route.

Buses serving the new route operate between Kennedy Station and Bluffer’s Park beach about every 15 minutes daytime and early evenings Saturdays, Sundays and holidays until October 6.

The Toronto Transit Commission — the TTC’s board of directors — approved the bus service as a trial to improve public access to the area during its January meeting. Staff will present a follow-up report assessing the service to the board in December.

Buses operating along the new route drop off or pick up passengers at all stops, connecting passengers to buses along other TTC routes, including 9 Bellamy, 12 Kingston Rd, 16 McCowan, 20 Cliffside, 21 Brimley, 34 Eglinton East, 43 Kennedy, 57 Midland, 86 Scarborough, 102 Markham Rd, 113 Danforth, 116 Morningside and 198 U of T Scarborough rocket.

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The TTC has not yet posted the schedule for the route on-line.

175 Bluffer’s Park

Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from Sunday, May 6 until Saturday, October 6, buses operate drop off or pick up passengers about every 15 minutes.

Southbound buses start their trips in Kennedy Station bus terminal, then proceed:

eastward along Eglinton Avenue East;
southward along Brimley Road; and then
eastward along Bluffer’s Park Road to Bluffer’s Park Beach,
ending their trips.

Southbound buses drop off or pick up passengers at stops

  • in Kennedy Station bus terminal,
  • on Eglinton Avenue East beside #2495 Eglinton East and at Midland, Huntington and Falmouth Avenues and Brimley Road,
  • on Brimley Road at Danforth Road and Lombardy Crescent, across from Skagway Avenue, at Comrie Terrace [north and south], Minerva Avenue and St. Clair Avenue East, south of St. Clair Avenue East, at Kingston Road, south of Kingston Road and across from Barkdene Hills.

(The TTC has not yet announced stop locations in Bluffer’s Park.)

Northbound buses reverse the southbound routing.

(The TTC has not yet announced stop locations in Bluffer’s Park.)

Otherwise, northbound buses drop up or pick up passengers at stops

  • on Brimley Road north of Kingston Road, at St. Clair Avenue East, at Mandarin Road, Anson Avenue, Oakridge Drive and Skagway Avenue, across from Lombardy Crescent and at Danforth Road,
  • on Eglinton Avenue East west of Brimley Road, at Gilder Drive, across from Huntington Avenue, at Midland Avenue and beside #2466 Eglinton East,
  • on the north service road to Kennedy Station north of Eglinton Avenue East and
  • in Kennedy Station bus terminal.