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Eglinton Crosstown LRT - Chaplin:
Pile installation, starting October 22

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Metrolinx contractors continue building the future Eglinton Crosstown light rail transit line between Mount Dennis and Kennedy.

Monday, October 22, crews are again reconfiguring traffic lanes

  • at the intersection of Eglinton Avenue West with Chaplin Crescent

near the site of the future Chaplin Station, so they can connect sanitary sewers on the south side of Eglinton West.

2018 - 10-22 - Chaplin - Pile-driving - Traffic changes.jpg

Starting 6 a.m. Tuesday, October 23, crews are setting up a new work zone on the southeast side of the intersection. They’re also installing special piles on the north side of Eglinton West near the future main station entrance. (A pile is usually a long cylinder of a strong material that workers push into the ground to support structures.) These special piles are large in depth and size and require crews to drill and pour concrete longer than they do with regular piles. Crews are installing six special piles over “two (2) weeks” or until November 10. The contractors expect to complete pile-driving by 11 p.m. each night, but may occasionally work later.

For transit passengers:

  • Expect delays aboard TTC buses along these routes:
  • 14 Glencairn;
  • 32 Eglinton West;
  • 33 Forest Hill; and
  • 332 Eglinton West overnight.

For pedestrians:

  • The sidewalk on the south side of Eglinton is closed between Chaplin Crescent and Russell Hill Road. A temporary walkway reroutes you south of the street through the laneway.
  • A temporary walkway remains available on the the north side of Eglinton. It reroutes you around the main entrance site between Chaplin Crescent and Gilgorm Road.
  • The north-south crosswalk on the east side of Chaplin remains unavailable.
  • All other crosswalks at the intersection remain available. The east-west crosswalk on the north side of Eglinton at Chaplin remains further north of the intersection than usually.

For motorists:

  • The City of Toronto is prohibiting left turns from eastbound Eglinton onto northbound Chaplin and all turns from westbound Eglinton onto Chaplin.
  • The City is also prohibiting left turns from southbound Chaplin onto eastbound Eglinton and from northbound Chaplin onto westbound Eglinton.
  • At least one lane will be available for traffic in each direction on Eglinton and Chaplin at all times.
  • Gilgorm Road remains closed until December 31.
  • Latimer Avenue is temporarily open during this construction stage.
  • The driveway at 564 Eglinton Avenue West remains closed during this construction stage.