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Eglinton Crosstown LRT - Leaside:
Traffic changes, starting November 13

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Metrolinx contractors continue building the future Eglinton Crosstown light rail transit line between Mount Dennis and Kennedy.

Starting “as early as” Tuesday, November 13, crews are rearranging the work zones, changing how traffic flows

  • through the intersection of Eglinton Avenue East with Bayview Avenue,

near the site of the future Leaside Station.

“Paid-duty” Toronto Police Service officers and traffic-control personnel will be on site to help direct traffic and pedestrians.

Crews work 7 a.m. until 11 p.m., seven days a week.

This phase of the project near the future Leaside Station continues until December 31. Expect pedestrian and traffic routes to change several times until then.

2018 - 11-14 - Leaside - traffic changes.png

For transit passengers:

  • The northbound TTC stop is now on Bayview just north of Craig Crescent.
  • The southbound TTC stop remains on Bayview just north of Roehampton Avenue.
  • The westbound stop remains east of Sunnybrook Plaza.
  • The eastbound stop remains west of Bayview. Buses operate along a bus-only lane to drop off or pick up passengers at the stop.
  • Also expect delays aboard buses along these routes:
  • 11 Bayview;
  • 34 Eglinton East;
  • 51 Leslie;
  • 54 Lawrence East;
  • 56 Leaside;
  • 334 Eglinton East overnight; and
  • 354 Lawrence East overnight.

For pedestrians:

  • The work zone now blocks the north-south crosswalk on the east side of Bayview.
  • The north-south crosswalk on the west side of Bayview remains open.
  • The sidewalk on the north side of Eglinton East between Sunnybrook Plaza and Bayview remains closed. A temporary walkway leads you along the front of the stores in Sunnybrook Plaza.
  • The sidewalk on the east side of Bayview south of Eglinton is closed. You must detour around the work zone on the southeast corner by walking onto the roadway. Safety barriers protect you from northbound traffic on Bayview.
  • The sidewalk on the east side of Bayview north of Eglinton is closed. You must detour around the work zone on the northeast corner by walking onto the roadway. Safety barriers protect you from northbound traffic on Bayview.

For motorists:

  • New temporary traffic lights are operating on Bayview at Roehampton Avenue.
  • The City of Toronto is temporarily prohibiting left turns for north- and southbound traffic on Bayview.
  • The City is also temporarily prohibiting left and right turns for westbound traffic on Eglinton.
  • The City is prohibiting right turns for north-, south- and eastbound traffic on a red light.
  • Eastbound traffic may turn left and right onto Bayview.
  • Eastbound traffic must continue to stop at the stop-line west of Bayview on a red light.
  • At least one traffic lane in each direction is available at all times.
  • Access is available to and from Sunnybrook Plaza from both Bayview and Eglinton.

For nearby residents and business owners:

  • Expect noise from a pile drill, hydrovac trucks, loaders, trucks and other construction equipment.
  • Crews may store equipment and material in the work zone.
  • For safety purposes, crews are erecting fencing around the work zone.
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