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GO introducing year-round GO-train service
Mondays to Fridays to Niagara Region

For the first time ever, GO Transit is introducing year-round Monday-to-Friday train service between Niagara Falls and Toronto.

The first weekday train leaves Niagara Falls VIA Rail Station at 5:24 a.m. Monday, January 7. That train stops at the St. Catharines VIA Rail Station and* West Harbour GO Station in Hamilton* before continuing to Union Station. (This train currently starts from West Harbour at 6:39 a.m.)

The first Monday-to-Friday evening GO train trip to serve Niagara Region leaves Union Station at 5:15 p.m. that same day. (This train currently ends its trip at West Harbour.)


Image: Metrolinx.

According to a post on the Metrolinx blog, The Link, “the delivery of weekday GO train service to the Niagara Region, years earlier than originally promised, is a direct result of the strong working relationship between Metrolinx and CN.”

Metrolinx plans to open two more GO stations along the Niagara corridor. Construction at Confederation GO in Stoney Creek is already underway and the proposed Grimsby GO station is now part of Metrolinx’ new transit-oriented development strategy. Metrolinx says, “Work in Grimsby will now advance in collaboration with third-party investments and will be delivered in partnership with the local municipalities and property developers.”

Metrolinx expects that investing in more Monday-to-Friday GO train services to and from Niagara to cost about $1.66 million annually.

When using a PRESTO farecard, passengers travelling by train between Niagara Falls and Union Station pay $19.80. Without PRESTO, the train fare between Niagara Falls and Union Station is $22.30.

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