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Eglinton Crosstown LRT - Yonge:
Facility services building construction

Eglinton Crosstown header.jpg

Metrolinx contractors continue building the future Eglinton Crosstown light rail transit line between Mount Dennis and Kennedy.

Since Saturday, July 6, 2018, the Metrolinx contractors have been building the the facility services building for the TTC’s Line 1 Yonge - University subway. Crews have also been undertaking various activities inside the TTC’s Eglinton Station.


^ Rendering of the future facility services building on Berwick Avenue. Image: Metrolinx

The building will house a new ventilation system for the subway line. It will stand on the subway corridor, south of Berwick Avenue. The new ventilation system will extract smoke during emergencies at Eglinton Station. Fans will include acoustic dampers to reduce noise and, except for emergencies, will only during testing.

Berwick portal.jpg

^ TTC subway train emerges southbound from the Berwick Portal — the site of the future facility services building. Image: Metrolinx

Due to the location of the new building, crews can only work safely while subway trains are not operating. The TTC has planned to close this section of Line 1 during several weekends this winter and early spring to accommodate construction, including:

Facilities service 2.jpg

^ Rendering of the future facility services building on Berwick Avenue. Image: Metrolinx

Metrolinx construction activities start 7 p.m. each Friday before these weekends and continues 24 hours daily until the subway reopens Monday morning.

The City of Toronto is closing:

  • Berwick Avenue, eastbound lanes, from east of the subway line to Yonge Street

24 hours a day to facilitate construction.

2019 - 02-09 - Berwick Avenue closure during facility services construction.jpg

The City is also closing:

  • Berwick Avenue, all lanes, mid-block from 7 a.m. Fridays until 7 a.m. Monday

during each weekend that the TTC is closing the subway line.

TTC buses may still access the bus terminal while the street is closed. Access to the loading dock for nearby Canada Square will remain open. However, pedestrians must use the north-side sidewalk on Berwick between Duplex Avenue and Yonge Street. At times, crews may ask pedestrians to halt or divert when a crane is operating.

Crews will set up construction zones and laydown areas on

  • Berwick Avenue between Duplex Avenue and Yonge Street,
  • Hillsdale Avenue just west of Yonge Street and
  • in the subway corridor south of Berwick Avenue.

Nearby residents and business people can expect noise in the area construction equipment. You can also expect heavy traffic from trucks entering and exiting the work zone and traveling along nearby streets. Crews may also store equipment and material in the work zone.


^ Construction zone on the south side of Berwick Avenue. Image: Metrolinx


^ Laydown zone on the north side of Hillsdale Avenue West. Image, Metrolinx

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