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Burlington Transit revising routes and services,
starting September 1

Burlington Transit is revising its routes and services, starting Sunday, September 1. Since multiple area transit agencies are introducing extensive service changes over the same few days, this post only describes highlights of the changes. We will detail these changes — populate this post with more information — in the near future.

Burlington Transit is making significant changes to its system, introducing new routes, schedules and frequencies.

BT says, “As the city’s population grows over the next 20 years, these changes will help Burlington move toward a transit system that operates on a grid network, with bus service along the city’s most-travelled roads in an east-west and north-south direction. Establishing a grid network will create a transit network with more frequent and better-connected service to help meet the mobility needs of the community.”

However, for long-time observers, the new BT route network looks awfully familiar, as it undoes many of the changes it made in 2013 and, in some ways, returns the network to an older version of itself.

Revised and extended routes

1 Plains

  • Buses again operate between downtown Hamilton and Appleby GO Station, replacing the 21 Fairview route.
  • Buses no longer operate into the terminal at Burlington GO Station, dropping off or picking up passengers on Fairview Street beside or across from that station.
  • Buses operate both ways along Fairview Street between Maple Avenue / Plains Road and Appleby GO Station, no longer operating westbound along Plains East west of Brant or along Prospect Street.
  • BT is cancelling the 1X branch of the route, meaning buses no longer divert along Waterdown Road to and from Aldershot GO Station. To replace this service, BT is extending the 4 Central route to Aldershot Station and the Hamilton Street Railway is extending its 18 Waterdown route to Plains Road.

2 Brant

  • Buses again operate to and from Downtown Burlington Terminal on John Street, along Brant Street south of Burlington GO Station. Service on Brant south of the station replaces current service along the 3 Guelph - Downtown and 5 **Francis - Downtown routes.
  • Buses operate to and from the Dundas / Highway 407 Park and Ride carpool lot all day every day.

3 Guelph

  • Buses again start and end their trips in Downtown Burlington Terminal on John Street. BT is extending the 2 Brant route to replace route 3 service along Brant Street south of Burlington GO Station.
  • Buses operate to and from the Dundas / Highway 407 Park and Ride carpool lot all day every day.

4 Central

  • BT extends the route to Aldershot GO Station, replacing all service along the 1X Plains, 5 Francis - Downtown and 300 Aldershot community connector routes.
  • Buses operate along the route all day, every day.
  • Buses heading toward Appleby GO Station continue to loop along Pinedale Avenue; buses heading away from Appleby do not.
  • BT no longer operates direct short-turn buses from Prospect Street / Cumberland Avenue to Appleby GO Station (skipping Pinedale) Monday-to-Friday morning rush hours.

6 Headon

  • Northbound buses operate along Tim Dobbie Drive and Thomas Alton Boulevard all day every day.
  • With this change, BT designates all buses as operating along the main 6 branch of the route, effectively cancelling service along the 6A branch.

10 New Maple

  • Buses again operate around the wide loop along New Street, Burloak Drive, Lakeshore Road and Appleby Line, replacing service along the 20 Burloak - Lakeshore, 40A Hampton Heath - Pinedale and 40B Pinedale - Hampton Heath routes. Buses heading toward Appleby GO Station operate clockwise around the loop. Buses heading toward Burlington GO Station operate counterclockwise.

25 Walkers

  • Buses operate to and from Appleby GO Station, instead of Burlington GO Station.
  • Buses operate along Walkers Line, New Street, Appleby Line and Fairview Street to and from Appleby GO.
  • Buses no longer operate along Harvester Road, Guelph Line and Queensway Drive to and from Burlington GO.
More frequent service

Starting Sunday, September 1, BT increases the frequency of service along several major routes.

1 Plains

  • 20-minute service all day Mondays to Fridays;
  • 20-minute service Saturdays before 7 p.m., 30-minute service after 7 p.m.; and
  • 20-minute service Sundays and holidays before 6 p.m., 30-minute service after 6 p.m.

4 Central

  • 30-minute service all day Mondays to Fridays.

10 New Maple

  • 20-minute service Mondays to Fridays before 9 p.m., 30-minute service after 9 p.m.;
  • 20-minute service Saturdays before 7 p.m., 30-minute service after 7 p.m. Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

11 Sutton Alton

  • 15-minute service Mondays to Fridays during rush hours.

25 Walkers

  • 20-minute service Mondays to Fridays during rush hours.
Relocating service to the south-side terminal at Burlington GO Station

Since November 2012, Burlington Transit has relocated all services to a temporary terminal on the north side of the tracks at Burlington GO Station due to construction. Starting Sunday, September 1, it returns service to the original site on the south side of the station, off Fairview Street. Buses operate to and from the station along Fairview, instead of Plains Road East and Queensway Drive, affecting service along these routes:

  • 2 Brant;
  • 6 Headon;
  • 10 New Maple;
  • 12 Upper Middle;
  • 50 Burlington South late-night;
  • 51 Burlington Northeast late-night;
  • 52 Burlington Northwest late-night;
  • 80 Harvester;
  • 81 North Service; and
  • 87 North Service Aldershot.


Buses along the 1 Plains route no longer enter the terminal, but instead drop off or pick up passengers on Fairview Street beside or across from the station.

Less express service

Starting Tuesday, September 3, BT operates buses along the 101 Plains express route Mondays to Fridays only during rush hours. It no longer offers Monday-to-Friday midday service along the route.

Cancelling routes and branches of routes

By extending or revising the paths of buses operating along various routes, BT replaces service along certain routes. It’s also removing service along routes with low ridership numbers that also duplicate other services. It’s cancelling all service along these routes:

  • 5 Francis Downtown;
  • 15A Appleby Walkers;
  • 15B Walkers Applebly;
  • 20 Burloak Lakeshore;
  • 21 Fairview;
  • 40A Hampton Heath - Pinedale;
  • 40B Pinedale - Hampton Heath;
  • 83 North Service;
  • 300 Aldershot community connection;
  • 301 Pinedale community connection; and
  • 302 Tansley Woods community connection.

It’s also cancelling these branches of routes:

  • 1X Plains;
  • 2A Brant North;
  • 3A Guelph Downtown; and
  • 6A Headon.

You can view the new route map here.

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