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Brampton Transit closing customer-service counters, starting April 27

Update — Monday, June 22, 6:53 a.m.: Brampton Transit is reopening customer-service counters in three terminals, starting June 22.

Update, Saturday, May 2, 6:03 p.m.: BT reduces the hours for accessing the terminals, starting Monday, May 4. BT is also restoring service along some routes that day.

Starting Monday, April 27, Brampton Transit is closing customer-service counters in three transit terminals, it says, to make sure it’s “serving its community safely during the COVID-19 emergency”.

The Bramalea Terminal, Brampton Gateway Terminal and Downtown Terminal buildings remain open so that passengers can access washroom facilities. Also, BT is fully closing Trinity Common Terminal until further notice.

According to the transit agency, “Customer-service counters at our terminals have seen a low volume of transactions in recent weeks, largely due to changes in transit operations such as reduced service and free fares.”

Passengers who need to load their PRESTO fare cards can do so online at or at PRESTO ticket-vending machines available in Bramalea and Downtown terminals.