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No Line 3 Scarborough service, September 12, 13


The TTC is closing Line 3 Scarborough all day Sunday, June 7. Shuttle buses operate on nearby streets to replace the rapid transit line. The buses stop near all stations along the line between Scarborough Centre and Kennedy Stations. The buses do not operate to and from McCowan Station.

(Or, consider a shuttle-bus alternative.)

McCowan, Ellesmere and Midland stations are closed. You may buy fares and connect with TTC buses at Scarborough Centre, Lawrence East and Kennedy stations. Transfer to Line 2 Bloor - Danforth subway trains at Kennedy Station.

Although shuttle buses are accessible, Wheel-Trans buses operate between Scarborough Centre and Kennedy stations. Ask any TTC staff member for Wheel-Trans accessible service.

While the line is closed, TTC crews are maintaining the tracks and signals on the line. The TTC continues its program of rehabilitating Line 3 infrastructure and vehicles, it says, “to provide a more reliable and comfortable service” over the next 10 years. It will close the line when it extends Line 2 Bloor - Danforth to Scarborough Centre and beyond.

According to a TTC news release, “While the TTC does most subway maintenance at the conclusion of service each night, it continues to require weekend and early weeknight closures to complete critical infrastructure and [signal] upgrades.”

Line 3 opened March 24, 1986, so the tracks, stations and vehicles are now more than 34 years old.

From the Transit Toronto archives, read:

Shuttle buses

(We’ve based this part of the post on information the TTC supplied during previous occasions that it closed Line 3.)

Southbound buses start their trips in Scarborough Centre Station bus terminal, then proceed:

westward along Triton Road;
northward along Borough Drive;
westward along Progress Avenue;
southward along Midland Avenue;
westward along Eglinton Avenue East;
north- and eastward along North Service Road; and then
southward into Kennedy Station bus terminal,
ending their trips.

Southbound buses drop off or pick up passengers at stops

  • in Scarborough Centre Station bus terminal,
  • on Midland Avenue south of Progress Avenue, at Ellesmere Road and Lawrence Avenue East and
  • in Kennedy Station bus terminal.

Northbound buses reverse the southbound routing.

Northbound buses drop off or pick up passengers at stops

  • in Kennedy Station,
  • on Midland Avenue at Lawrence Avenue East, Ellesmere Road and Progress Avenue and
  • in Scarborough Centre Station.

Shuttle-bus alternatives

Plan your trips ahead of time this weekend to avoid stress and crowds. Leave extra time in your schedule and expect longer traveling times those days.

While shuttle buses operate frequently, they will be crowded.

Regular TTC buses and streetcars provide less frequent, less direct, but, perhaps, less stressful alternatives. Consider travelling aboard buses along other routes to and from Line 3 stations:

  • 9 Bellamy between Scarborough Centre, McCowan and Warden stations.
  • 16 McCowan between Scarborough Centre, McCowan and Warden stations.
  • 21 Brimley between Scarborough Centre and Kennedy stations.
  • 57 Midland between Midland and Kennedy stations.

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