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Dufferin / Springhurst track repairs: TTC detour, starting October 19

Starting 7 a.m. Monday, October 19, TTC track crews are installing a new streetcar lubricator unit and track drain.

  • on Dufferin Street south of Springhurst Avenue (beside Dufferin Gate Loop).

Crews may also repair and maintain the overhead streetcar wiring in Dufferin Gate Loop.

The TTC is detouring streetcars along this route, to accommodate the work zone:


Track repairs at Dufferin / Springhurst and the resulting TTC detour continue until October 26.

Construction does not affect TTC service along the 29A / 29C Dufferin and 329 Dufferin overnight bus routes.

Soon after it establishes a work zone Monday morning, the track crew starts saw-cutting and digging out a section of concrete from the track area. They continue excavating all day Monday. Expect noise during this phase.

Afterwards, they install the new lubricator and track drain and place new concrete.

Crews mostly work from 7 a.m. until 11 p.m. every day. The project may require some overnight work when crews remove concrete by hand or clean up the work zone.

504B King (Broadview Stn - Dufferin Gate)

From 7 a.m. Monday, October 19 until 5 a.m. Monday, October 26, eastbound cars start their trips in Sunnyside Loop (on The Queensway west of Roncesvalles Avenue), then proceed:

southward along Sunnyside Avenue;
eastward along The Queensway and King Street West to Dufferin,
resuming their regular route eastward along King West.

Eastbound cars skip their regular stops

  • in Dufferin Gate Loop and
  • on Dufferin Street at Liberty Street and King Street West.

Instead, eastbound cars drop off or pick up passengers at temporary stops

  • in Sunnyside Loop,
  • on The Queensway at King Street West and
  • on King Street West across from Wilson Park Road, at Dowling, Jameson, Dunn and Spencer Avenues and Dufferin Street.

Eastbound passengers travelling from Dufferin Gate Loop may board buses along the 29A / 29C Dufferin route, then transfer to streetcars along the 504A / 504B King route on Dufferin Street at King Street West.

Westbound cars operate along their regular route to King Street West and Dufferin Street, then detour:

westward along King Street West and The Queensway; and then
northward into Sunnyside Loop,
ending their trips.

Westbound cars skip their regular stops

  • on Dufferin Street across from Liberty Street and at Springhurst Avenue and
  • in Dufferin Gate Loop.

Instead, westbound cars drop off or pick up passengers at temporary stops

  • on King Street West across from Spencer Avenue, at Dunn, Jameson and Dowling Avenues, beyond Wilson Park Road and at Queen Street West and
  • in Sunnyside Loop.

Westbound passengers travelling to Dufferin Gate Loop may transfer to buses along the 29A / 29C Dufferin route on King Street West at Dufferin Street.