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Kipling GO Station: GO closing south half of station building, starting November 18

Metrolinx continues building the Kipling transit hub at Kipling GO and TTC station.

Starting Wednesday, November 18, after the last train of the day has left the station, GO Transit is closing the south half of the Kipling GO station building. The north half of the building remains open. The work zone does not affect how you board or exit from GO trains.

Half of the stairway leading to the station building stays open, while crews work on the other half of the stairway. You can continue to use PRESTO payment devices and ticket-vending machines, which remain in the south half of the station building for now.

Construction on the station building continues until “the end of this year”, meaning as long as until December 31. When crews have completed this phase of the Kipling Transit Hub project, the GO station building will include more space, a new ceiling, tiles, floor, skylight and glass walls overlooking the platform.

Crews started working on the north half of the station Monday, October 5.

Since Saturday, November 7, a work zone has blocked the sidewalk on the west side of Aukland Road, between Dundas Street West and the TTC’s Kipling Station building. The contractor is building a new sidewalk in the area.

During construction, use the temporary pedestrian path beside the closed sidewalk on the west side of Aukland Road. Follow directional signs in the area. The contractor will have staff on-site to help direct you along your way during the day.

Sidewalk construction on Aukland Road continues “for a few weeks”, meaning as long as until November 27.

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Since Friday, September 18, the TTC has closed the temporary passenger pick-up and drop-off area (PPUDO or “Kiss and Ride”) on the west side of Aukland Road due to ongoing Metrolinx construction of the transit hub. The TTC is also starting to build a new parking lot in that area.

TTC passengers may temporarily use the St. Albans Road entrance, on street level on the south side of St. Albans Rd, as the new temporary Kiss and Ride location.

GO is advising passengers that the construction affects how you access Kipling GO Station.

  • Use the TTC’s south parking lot off Munster Avenue to access the train platform and GO station building;
  • Elevator access to the north or the south side of the station is unavailable. If you require an elevator, head to Dixie GO Station to board the train.

GO says, “Later this year a new permanent Kiss and Ride along with an elevator, located northeast of the new bus terminal is expected to open. Two new elevators connecting to the train platform are also expected to open later this year.”