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GO cancelling most service along route 90, starting December 5

Friday, December 4 will the be the last day that GO Transit buses operate along the 90 Lakeshore East route between Newcastle and Oshawa GO Station during regular hours.

GO says it’s cancelling Route 90 service, starting Saturday, December 5, “to avoid duplication and use our resources where they are needed most.”

GO continues to operate buses along the 90B branch between Oshawa and Union Station bus terminal late nights / early mornings.

Most route 90 passengers in Bowmanville can board GO buses along the 88 / 88A Peterborough / Oshawa route to travel to and from Oshawa GO Station. At the station, they can connect with GO trains along the 09 Lakeshore East line.

Passengers in Bowmanville, Courtice and Oshawa can also travel aboard Durham Region Transit buses along the 902 King route to connect with downtown Oshawa, Oshawa Centre and the GO station. DRT buses operate along route 902 every 30 minutes from about 6 a.m. until 11:30 p.m. every day.

Passengers travelling to and from Newcastle no longer get regular bus service to and from Oshawa during most times of the week. GO operates just three westbound buses from Newcastle to Oshawa along the 88A branch of the 88 Peterborough / Oshawa route Mondays to Fridays during morning rush hours. And, it operates just three eastbound buses from Oshawa to Newcastle during afternoon rush hours.

At all other times of the week, Newcastle passengers must use DRT’s Rural On-Demand service to travel to and from DRT transfer points.

While passengers transferring between GO and DRT may pay different fares, their DRT portion only costs $0.80 of they use PRESTO.