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Burlington City Council approves Transit Business Plan

Burlington City Council has approved the City of Burlington Transit Business Plan has been approved by Council. Burlington Transit staff presented plan to Council yesterday, Monday, December 14.

The Transit Five-Year Business Plan cover 2020 through 2024 and directs BT to improve service over the next five years.

Staff based the plan on ridership projections and the impact of the route redesign that was put in place in fall 2019. They also updated it to outline the impacts of COVID-19 on each of the proposed strategies. Ridership forecasts reflect the decline of the number of transit users during the pandemic but anticipate that the number will grow in the years after vaccination.

Highlights of the plan are:

  • adding more buses to the fleet;
  • revising fares so that Children younger than 12 years of age ride free
  • implementing “15 minutes or better” service on major streets, including Plains Road and Fairview Street;
  • launching a pilot of on-demand transit in 2021; and
  • launching transit-signal priority (giving priority to buses at signalized intersections), 2021.

You can read the plan here (.pdf).