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Transit agencies no longer accepting paper tickets and passes, starting January 1

Starting New Year’s Day, Friday, January 1, several Greater Toronto and Hamilton area transit agencies no longer accept paper tickets or passes as the region continues to switch to PRESTO and other “paperless” and “contactless” payment systems:

York Region Transit passengers may pay for their YRT fares with a PRESTO fare-card or through their smartphones with the mobile payment app, YRT Pay, available for free in the App Store or Google Play. You can still pay your fare with cash.

YRT no longer sells paper fare media, including 10-packs of tickets, paper monthly passes and the GTA Weekly pass. It’s not refunding or transferring the value of tickets to PRESTO.

You can load a YRT monthly pass onto a PRESTO card and use it for unlimited travel during a single calendar month. You can also buy and use a monthly pass through the YRT Pay app.

YRT continued to sell paper fare media to accommodate passengers aboard TTC buses in York Region, because the PRESTO system couldn’t process the necessary double fares. However, since Monday, August 26, 2019, passengers travelling aboard TTC buses in York Region have been able to pay their YRT fare with PRESTO card.

MiWay also encourages passengers to use PRESTO, since it also no longer uses paper tickets and passes, starting New Year’s Day.

Similar to YRT, MiWay waited until PRESTO payment-options were available for passengers aboard TTC buses in Mississauga before completely abandoning paper fare media. Since Monday, July 29, 2019, those passengers have been able to use the PRESTO system

MiWay will not refund the cost of paper tickets.

The Hamilton Street Railway also no longer sells HSR paper tickets and passes. HSR paper tickets that have an expiry date of August 31, 2020, remain valid until New Year’s Eve, Thursday, December 31. Starting January 1, you can only pay your fare with a PRESTO card or by buying single-use PRESTO e-tickets.

Buy your e-ticket with the PRESTO E-Ticket app on your smartphone before you travel. Then, before you board, activate your e-ticket with your smartphone. After you board, the e-ticket is your proof of payment. Make sure you display it on your smartphone when you board to show the driver and in case a fare inspector asks for your proof of payment.

Download the PRESTO e-ticket application from the App Store or GooglePlay.

PRESTO e-tickets are currently only available for HSR and Durham Region Transit. They are valid for traveling aboard buses from a single transit system and do not count towards any loyalty programs, discounted transfers or co-fares that may be in place for PRESTO card or paper ticket users.

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