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Milliken GO Station: Temporary pedestrian detour, starting March 29


^ Image: Metrolinx

Metrolinx continues to upgrade Milliken GO Station, improving amenities, building a vehicle underpass and pedestrian bridge on Steeles Avenue East, and enhancing accessibility, as part of the GO Expansion Program.

Starting Monday, March 29, GO Transit is setting up a temporary detour for pedestrians walking southward from Steeles Avenue East along Redlea Avenue and the east sidewalk to the station entrance.

The pedestrian detour remains in place “through Summer 2021”. meaning as late as until September 30.


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Since Monday, October 19, GO has opened a new temporary west platform at the station. It closed the current west platform for construction.

This temporary platform allows construction on the west platform and stair structures at the and excavation and utility works under the rail bridge on Steeles Avenue East to proceed.

Travelling to and from Milliken GO Station:

Construction affects how you board and exit your train. Check the graphic below to make sure you’re sitting in the correct car for your stop.

Listen to the announcements on your train. Not all cars will open their doors at Milliken. Ask your customer service ambassador for help. Look for signage to show you where to stand and remember to spread out along the platform.

520x293 Milliken Graphic - ENG.png

Since early June Metrolinx and its contractors have been building the new bridges at Steeles Avenue East, just north of the station. The City of Toronto and Metrolinx have started working together to lower Steeles East between Old Kennedy Road / Silver Star Boulevard and Redlea Avenue, so that road users can move freely below, while GO trains and passengers get to their destination above along a new track. The project also includes a pedestrian bridge across Steeles to help passengers access Milliken GO Station.

The contractors have built a temporary diversion road on the north side of Steeles East that maintains east- and westbound traffic and access to Milliken GO Station and the surrounding area.

The temporary detour road will be in place “until late 2021” (or until December 31, 2021). Widening Steeles Avenue will improve how buses drop off or pick passengers at nearby Milliken GO Station. The City and Metrolinx expect to complete construction of the new expanded roadway and rail and pedestrian bridge “by mid-2022” (meaning construction likely continues until June 30, 2022.)

2020 - 05-29 - Steeles East diversion roadway.jpg

^ The temporary diversion road for traffic on Steeles Avenue East between Old Kennedy Road / Silver Star Boulevard and Redlea Avenue. Image: Metrolinx.

By the end of 2021, Milliken GO station will include:

  • a renovated platform beside the current track;
  • a new second track and platform;
  • two new pedestrian tunnels with elevators;
  • canopies and shelters on the platforms to protect you from the elements;
  • a canopy-covered walkway to Steeles Avenue East; and
  • a pedestrian bridge across Steeles East that connects to both platforms.


^ Image: Metrolinx

Metrolinx and GO plan to accommodate more passengers and increase service along the Stouffville line, as part of their GO Expansion Program (formerly “regional express rail”).


^ Image: Metrolinx

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