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Wellington East / Church track replacement: TTC welding and storing rail on-street, starting March 29

Since Monday, March 8, the City of Toronto and the TTC have started a multi-phase project to upgrade streetcar infrastructure and improve the streetscape

  • on Church Street between King and Wellington Streets East and
  • on Wellington Streets East and West between Church Street and west of Yonge Street.

According to the TTC, “This work is required to bring the track infrastructure and City’s pedestrian infrastructure to a state of good repair and is part of the 2021 [City of Toronto] Council-approved Capital Works Program. Update notices will be issued as work progresses.”

From Monday, March 29 until Saturday, April 3, a rail welding crew will occupy the two south lanes

  • on Wellington Street West between Bay and Yonge Streets.

They’ll weld standard lengths of rail into longer strings before they can start rebuilding the tracks. This advance work allows TTC crews to install new track more quickly, reducing the timeline for disrupting the nearby neighbourhood. Crews store the rail strings in the two south curb lanes. They’ll gradually deplete the rail pile from this location, as they renew the tracks and install new rail

Crews mostly weld the strings of rail from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m. However, they may occasionally work after hours and overnight when crews deliver rail to support daytime welding activities. Crews start setting up the work zone for welding work zone by 7:30 a.m. Monday, March 29. Crews will move or pull the strings to the north curb lane beside the park during the welding process. However, they may have to pull the rails overnight for safety reasons. Expect noise during this activity.

Rail welding.jpg

^ Image, TTC.

The City has already prohibited on-street parking and restricted traffic lanes since March 8.

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