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Weston GO / UPX Station: Platform construction continues, starting May 25

Metrolinx is upgrading safety and amenities at Weston GO / UPX Station, as part of the GO Expansion Program.

Starting Tuesday, May 25, GO Transit is closing the east end of platform 3 at the station to install tactile yellow safety tiles at the edge of the train platform. This safety feature will remind you how far back to stand.

Closing part of the platform affects how you exit from or board trains.

  • Your train may not stop at its usual platform. Look at the departure boards to make you wait on the right platform for your train.
  • All pedestrian tunnels and elevators remain open during construction.
  • You can still access the UP Express platforms. Most weekday UP Express trips leave 15 minutes later than usually to accommodate the platform construction. Check before you travel to make sure you have the latest schedule information.

GO_Weston_ESI_Phase 2_north platform_Expandable.png

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22x28-Poster-Kitchener Graphic-v3 Weston-EN.png

The passenger pick-up and drop-off area (or “kiss and ride”) and nine parking spots in the east parking lot are also closed for construction.

The project to install safety tiles at the edge of the east end of platform 3 proceeds for “approximately two weeks”, meaning that construction continues as late as until June 7.

After crews finish working on platform 3, they’ll start on platform 2.

GO_Weston_ESI_Platform 3_expandable.png

GO closed the west end of platform 3 at the station to install the tiles and signs, starting Monday, May 10.

Similarly, GO closed part of the north platform (platform 1) at the station, starting Monday, April 5.

Since Monday, June 3, 2019, GO has closed the passenger pick-up and drop-off area (or “kiss ‘n’ ride”) and nine parking spots in the east parking lot at the station. The closures support an ongoing project to build a new track and platform and other amenities.

Metrolinx and GO plan to accommodate more passengers and increase service along the Kitchener line, as part of their GO Expansion Program (formerly “regional express rail”).

At Weston station, they plan:

  • building a new north-side platform that includes canopied heated shelters, a snow-melt system, platform lighting, fare systems, a mini-ramp and tactile safety platform edges;
  • installing a fourth track for future train service;
  • extending the tunnel with stairs and elevators leading to the new platform;
  • installing landscaping and new signage throughout the station; and
  • improving electrical service to accommodate electric trains in the future.