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Eglinton - Crosstown LRT: Vehicle testing between Kennedy and Laird stations, starting May 25

Update — — Tuesday, May 25, 12:44 p.m.: The post now contains a link to a video of the LRV being transferred onto the rails at Eglinton East / Rosemount.

Update — — Tuesday, May 25, 12:18 p.m.: The post now contains a link to a video of the LRV leaving the storage and maintenance facility.

Eglinton Crosstown header.jpg

Metrolinx contractors continue building the future Eglinton Crosstown light rail transit line between Mount Dennis and Kennedy.

Starting Tuesday, May 25, contractors will transport by truck six light rail vehicles (LRVs) from the Eglinton Maintenance and Storage Facility to *the LRT tracks (or “guideway”) on *Eglinton Avenue East at Rosemount Drive. They’re delivering the LRVs one at a time, May 25, 26, 27, 31 and June 1 and 2. Just two lanes in each direction will be available for traffic on Eglinton East at Rosemount each day when crews are delivering the vehicles.

After delivery, crews connect the LRVs to the overhead catenary (wiring) system, which powers the vehicles from traction power substations beside the LRT line. The LRVs then travel westward at a slow rate of speed to the underground storage area at Laird Station. For the first phase of LRV testing, crews will walk with the vehicle to validate clearances between the vehicle and LRT infrastructure, including poles and signals. A “paid duty” Toronto Police Service officer will be present as the LRV passes through each intersection.

This phase of testing also allows crews to make sure the overhead catenary system is working properly. They’ll check how the wires interface correctly with the vehicle pantograph (the big arm that comes off the vehicle to contact the wires) and manually crank and clamp switches for the vehicles to crossover at turn-back locations to ensure clearances.

East testing and commissioning.png

Testing and commissioning takes place in three phases, starting in June.

  1. Clearance and static testing takes place in June and includes a walking inspection of LRVs operating from 0 to 5 kilometres per hour.
  2. Dynamic testing takes place from July until September and includes testing coupled vehicles, higher-speed testing, brake tests, concurrent vehicle testing, and communications and signal systems testing.
  3. TTC driver training follows and includes operational training for TTC personnel who will be responsible for operating the LRT once it is in service.

The overhead catenary system is energized. At 750 volts, this means the cables are electrified and dangerous if encountered. It is never safe to go near the overhead cables. The LRVs will cross traffic lanes at intersections between Kennedy Road and Leslie Street, following dedicated transit signals. Drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians must continue to follow the current traffic signals and signage and stay alert to where and when left turns and U turns are, and are not, permitted.

Rosemount - LRV delivery area.jpg

Each vehicle is loaded on an oversized truck and takes two to four three to complete its journey between the maintenance facility and Rosemount. Toronto Police officers accompany the trucks to control and direct traffic along the way.

(Updated — Tuesday, May 25, 12:18 p.m.*) Video of the first LRV leaving the storage and maintenance facility, here.

(Updated — Tuesday, May 25, 12:44 p.m.*) Video of the first LRV being transferred to the rails at Eglinton East / Rosemount, here.

Leaving the Eglinton Maintenance and Storage Facility, the trucks proceed:

northward along Industry Street;
northwestward along Todd Baylis Boulevard and Trethewey Drive;
northward along Jane Street;
eastward along Lawrence Avenue West;
northward along Keele Street;
eastward along Highway 401;
southward along Dufferin Street;
eastward along Lawrence West;
northward along Bathurst Street;
eastward along Highway 401;
northward along Kennedy Road;
westward along Highway 401;
southward along Victoria Park Avenue;
northeastward along Eglinton Square; and then
eastward along Eglinton Avenue East to Rosemount Drive,
ending their trips in the off-loading zone at the intersection of Eglinton East / Rosemount.

LRV delivery route between ESMF to Rosemount.jpg

Depending on the time of day that the truck completes its trip, TTC passengers aboard buses along these routes may expect delays as the truck passes along its route:

  • 17A / 17B Birchmount;
  • 24A / 24B Victoria Park;
  • 29B Dufferin;
  • 32C Eglinton West via Trethewey;
  • 34 Eglinton East;
  • 35A / 35B Jane;
  • 41 Keele;
  • 47B / 47C Lansdowne;
  • 52A / 52B / 52F / 52G Lawrence West;
  • 54A / 54B Lawrence East;
  • 59A / 59B Maple Leaf;
  • 67A / 67B Pharmacy;
  • 68A / 68B Warden
  • 70A O’Connor;
  • 91C / 91D Woodbine;
  • 95A / 95B / 95C York Mills;
  • 109B / 109C Ranee;
  • 171 Mount Dennis;
  • 400 Bathurst Manor community bus;
  • 924 Victoria Park express;
  • 929 Dufferin express;
  • 935 Jane express;
  • 941 Keele express;
  • 952 Lawrence West express; and
  • 995 York Mills express.