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TTC welding and storing rail on Queen Street West near Trinity - Bellwoods Park, starting May 31

Queen - Trinity - Bellwoods - rail welding and storage areas.jpg

Starting Monday, May 31, TTC crews are occupying the two track lanes on

  • Queen Street West west of Niagara Street

to weld standard lengths of rail into longer strings.

Crews weld the rail to prepare for the City of Toronto / TTC project to renew the streetcar tracks on Queen West between Fenning and Bay Streets.

This advance work allows TTC crews to install new track more quickly, reducing the timeline for disrupting the nearby neighbourhood. Crews store the rail strings on the north side of Queen Street West beside Trinity - Bellwoods Park (west of Gore Vale Avenue). They’ll gradually deplete the rail pile from this location, as they renew the tracks and install new rail during Phases 5 through 8 of the project (between Fennings Street and Spadina Avenue), starting in August.

Crews mostly weld the strings of rail from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m. However they may occasionally work after hours and overnight when crews deliver rail to support daytime welding activities. Crews start setting up the work zone for welding work zone by 7:30 a.m. Monday, May 31. Crews will move or pull the strings to the north curb lane beside the park during the welding process. However, they may have to pull the rails overnight for safety reasons. Expect noise during this activity.

Rail welding.jpg

^ Image, TTC.

The work zone for welding may block motorists from turning left onto or off of Queen West. The City will prohibit on-street parking near the welding work zone to maintain traffic in the two curb lanes. It will also prohibit parking during rail storage on the north curb lane beside the park.

The TTC has already replaced streetcars with buses along this section of Queen Street West to accommodate this project. However, passengers aboard buses along these routes can expect delays:

  • 301 Queen / Long Branch overnight shuttle buses;
  • 501L Queen / Long Branch shuttle buses;
  • 501P Queen / Humber shuttle buses.