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Unionville GO Station: Temporary walkway, starting June 4

Metrolinx continues its project to upgrade Unionville GO Station, as part of the GO Expansion Program.

Starting Friday, June 4, GO Transit is temporarily relocating the south platform walkway about 12 metres (40 feet) from the current location to accommodate construction on the east platform.

Directional signs will help guide you to the new walkway. PRESTO fare-card devices remain in their current locations.

The work zone blocks the walkway at Unionville GO Station “until July 2021”, meaning as late as until July 31.

Since Monday, August 10, 2020, GO has changed access to the station and added more parking.

That day, it opened a new east platform. New entrances give you direct access between the train platform and the parking lot. GO has installed guardrails along these new pathways for your safety. The new platform means a shorter walk from the bus loop and parking lot to where you board your train.

Unionville Map_27July2020.jpg

^ Click to enlarge. Image: GO Transit / Metrolinx.

It also reopened 125 parking spaces beside the station building.

Due to recent service changes along the Stouffville line, you may have to adjust where you normally board your train. Some coaches don’t open from outside of the train. Spread out along the platform and keep the accessibility coach available for those who need it most.


^ Rendering of the future platform at Unionville GO Station. Image: GO Transit / Metrolinx.

At the end of the project, you’ll benefit from:

  • a new island platform and a relocated east platform with a snowmelt system;
  • a second track and a new turnaround track, so that trains can travel in both directions on this portion of the Stouffville line;
  • new pedestrian tunnels and elevators for better accessibility;
  • canopies and shelters on the platforms to protect you from the elements;
  • pedestrian paths through the parking lot;
  • more parking spaces;
  • easier access from the parking lot to the platforms with ramps, instead of stairs;
  • a bike storage room; and
  • better signs, lighting and landscaping.


^ Rendering of the future ramps, replacing stairs, at Unionville GO Station. Image: GO Transit / Metrolinx.

Construction at Unionville GO Station continues “until the end of 2021” meaning as late as until about December 31, 2021.

Metrolinx and GO plan to accommodate more passengers and increase service along the Stouffville line, as part of their GO Expansion Program (formerly “regional express rail”).

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