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Metrolinx Restores Barrie Weekender and Other Services as Pandemic Eases


Image courtesy Metrolinx

As riders start to return to public transit following the months-long pandemic, Metrolinx has announced that certain services suspended or cut back during the pandemic are being returned. Prominent among these is the weekender train service on the Barrie GO line.

Effective July 10, GO trains will be departing Allandale Waterfront station in Barrie on Saturdays, Sundays and holiday Mondays at 6:53, 11:08, 14:08, 17:08, and 20:08, making all regular stops and arriving at Union at 8:33, 12:48, 15:48, 18:48, and 21:48. Five trains will return from Union Station at 8:53, 11:53, 14:53, 17:53, and 20:53, making all regular stops, and arriving at Allandale Waterfront at 10:34, 13:34, 16:34, 19:34, and 22:34, giving passengers in Toronto and Barrie ample time and options to check out the sights and attractions in their opposite city before returning home. Select trips on four weekends will include GO’s new bike coaches. The full schedule for the Barrie service effective July 10 can be found here.

In addition to the above, half-hourly weekend service will return to the Lakeshore East and West GO lines on the same date, along with half-hourly service on the UP express during the midday on weekdays, weekends and holidays. These had previously been cut to hourly.

Finally, GO Buses will be calling at the Toronto Zoo on weekends and holidays starting on July 10 until the Labour Day weekend, with stops added on most Route 96 trips.

Full information can be found on Metrolinx’s blog post here

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