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GO Transit weekend passes available, starting July 10

Metrolinx is introducing Weekend Passes for GO Transit trips, to help riders explore the Greater Golden Horseshoe.

GO is also introducing more weekend and holiday services along the Barrie, Lakeshore East and Lakeshore West lines that day.

The new GO Transit deals include two new fare options under the Weekend Pass banner on the e-ticketing website.

The options include:

  • $10 One-Day (valid for travel on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday only)
  • $15 Weekend (valid for travel on Saturday and Sunday and any holiday)

The passes are available on-line only - not at stations or by using a PRESTO. Once you’ve bought your weekend passes on-line, Metrolinx will e-mail them to you through your smartphone. Remember to activate the deals five minutes before boarding a GO Train or Bus.

All the passes provide unlimited travel across the GO system - by bus or train - for a flat fare. For example: if you bought a pass between Oshawa and Burlington, you can board a train at Oshawa, get off at Rouge Hill, board again at Rouge Hill, get off at Burlington, then travel back to Oshawa.