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Less frequent Monday-to-Friday MiWay service along multiple routes, starting December 19

MiWay is decreasing the frequency of service along a number of MiLocal and MiExpress routes “due to low [passenger] demand during the holiday season.” It’s also cancelling all service along another MiLocal route and shortening the path for buses along a MiExpress route.

Buses operate along these MiLocal routes less frequently than usually, Mondays to Fridays, starting Monday, December 19:

  • 2 Hurontario;
  • 3 Bloor;
  • 9 Rathburn - Thomas;
  • 10 Bristol - Britannia;
  • 17 Hurontario;
  • 20 Rathburn;
  • 26 Burnhamthorpe;
  • 35 Eglinton - Ninth Line; and
  • 51 Tomken.

And, they operate less frequently along these MiExpress routes:

  • 101 Dundas express;
  • 107 Malton express; and
  • 109 Meadowvale express.

MiWay is temporarily cancelling service along this MiLocal route, starting December 19:

  • 18 McLaughin - Derry.

And, it’s shortening the path so that buses along this MiExpress route temporarily no longer operate to and from Humber College’s North campus:

  • 107 Malton express.

(Buses start and end their trips in Westwood Square terminal during the holidays.)

Holiday service ends and regular Monday-to-Friday service resumes Tuesday, January 2, 2023.

Friday, December 23 is the last day this year that MiWay operates buses along high-school special routes (routes with numbers in the 300 range). MiWay high-school special service resumes Monday, January 9.