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Guelph Central GO Stations: Revised door restrictions during construction, starting January 23

Metrolinx is improving Guelph Central GO Station, as part of the GO Expansion Program.

Guelph Jan 2023-updated- door restriction.jpg

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Friday, September 30, 2022, contractors started building a new accessible platform to replace the current one. This work will align the platform with the new south platform that Metrolinx plans to build as part of GO Expansion. The current accessible platform is still available for those who need to use the accessible coach.

Starting Monday, January 23, door restrictions remain in place for 12-car trains.

  • Trains that are 12 coaches long only open doors at the accessible platform (mini-ramp) and east accessible platform.
  • Trains with 6, 8, and 10 coaches will open all doors.

When travelling from Guelph Central GO:

  • The platform screens display the number of coaches for the approaching train.
  • Listen to station announcements.

When travelling to Guelph Central GO:

  • Board coaches that are east of the accessibility (mini) ramp.
  • Listen to on-board train announcements, advising you which coaches open doors at Guelph Central GO.

Gueph GO boarding guide_Page_1.jpg

Since Friday, June 3, 2022, GO has changed access to the pedestrian tunnel from the south parking lot on Farquhar Street. The work zone blocks the stairs on the east side of the access building will close. Use the ramp on the other side of the building.

Construction started “in May 2022” to to build a new south platform in the station. The work zone affects how you access the station parking lot and the passenger pick-up and drop-off (or “Kiss and Ride”).

During construction, you can’t access the parking lot and Kiss and Ride from the east entrance on Farquhar Street. Instead, use the west entrance. Two-way traffic continues into and out of the lot. The work zone blocks about six parking spaces.

GO is also relocating the PRESTO fare-card machine and digital signs to the other side of the access building. It’s also relocating the accessible parking space by the entrance to the station lot.

Metrolinx is preparing the station to accommodate more train service in the future by:

  • building a new south platform;
  • modifying the north platform to align with the south platform; and
  • upgrading the storm-sewer systems.

Construction to enhance Guelph Central GO Station continues “until the end of 2023”, meaning as late as until December 31, 2023.

Metrolinx and GO plan to accommodate more passengers and increase service along the Kitchener line, as part of their GO Expansion Program (formerly “regional express rail”).