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Want to donate to the Richard Glaze 16mm Film Archive Digitization Project by Cheque? Here's where you write.

A reader very kindly noted that some individuals still don’t trust the Internet enough to send money by e-mail or web form, and we respect that. They noted that some railfans may be interested in contributing to the fundraiser to digitize the remainder of Richard Glaze’s collection of 16mm films, and would be more likely to do so if there was some way for them to contribute by cheque through the mail. We also respect that.

So, if you are one of those individuals who would rather not make their contribution electronically, you can still participate in this fundraiser by sending a cheque made to “James Bow” at the following post-office box address:

James Bow
c/o Earthenhouse Incorporated
10-525 Highland Road West, Suite 252
Kitchener, ON
N2M 5P4

All contributions are welcome. At present, we have raised enough to digitize the three remaining 400-foot reels containing footage of the last days of streetcar operation in Montreal, Ottawa and Rochester, as well as nearly 20 100-foot reels of footage from the 1970s. Around 60 100-foot reels remain, but at a digitization charge of $49/minute, each 100-foot reel could be done for $150. I may be able to do those gradually over time, but every $150 raised between now and the end of the campaign (March 31, officially; unofficially, the film will be taken to Frame Discreet on April 17) will add another 100-foot reel to the pile.

Thanks once again to everybody who has contributed to this campaign, getting over three hours of classic footage digitized and made public. I am humbled by everyone’s support, and I know that Richard is delighted to have these films see the light of day.