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Ontario Line - Riverside - Leslieville: Metrolinx contractors continue working at the Queen Street East bridge, affecting TTC services, starting July 31

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Metrolinx is building the Ontario Line subway between Exhibition Place / Ontario Place and the area near the Ontario Science Centre, through downtown Toronto.

“As early as” Monday, July 31, Metrolinx contractors continue working on reinforcing the structure of the Queen Street East bridge near the future Riverside / Leslieville Station, as part of the Ontario-line project. They also start relocating underground utilities. The bridge carries VIA Rail Canada and GO Transit trains over the street. Construction started Monday, June 5.

While reinforcing the bridge structure, crews:

  • install bearings and concrete blocks.

While relocating utilities, crews:

  • excavate;
  • saw-cut;
  • break concrete;
  • install shoring;
  • pour concrete; and
  • pull cables.

The work zone temporarily restricts traffic lanes and sidewalks on the south side of Queen Street East between Strange and McGee streets. Crews work Mondays to Fridays from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m.

TTC passengers aboard buses and streetcars along these routes can expect delays:

  • 72A Pape;
  • 501 Queen;
  • 503 Kingston Rd; and
  • 505 Dundas.

Construction on the south side of Queen East between Strange and McGee and the resulting TTC service changes continue “for approximately two (2) months”, meaning as late as until September 30.

  • Starting “as early as” Monday, July 31, the work zone temporarily restricts eastbound traffic on Queen Street East to just one lane between Strange and McGee streets.
  • It also blocks the sidewalk on the south side of Queen East. Use the pedestrian crossing at Boulton and Empire avenues to access the north sidewalk.
  • Although crews are on-site mostly only during the daytime, they work overnight from Monday, July 31 until Friday, August 11 to finish re-enforcing the bridge. They can only complete this work while trains aren’t operating over the bridge, from about 11 p.m. until 6 a.m. Overnight activities include drilling and placing concrete blocks, without much noise disrupting nearby residents. Crews also use excavators, lifts, drills and other hand tools, again without much noise.
  • Starting “as early as” Tuesday, August 8, the work zone restricts traffic on McGee Street to just one lane at Queen East “for approximately two (2) weeks”, meaning as late as until August 18.
  • “As early as” Monday, August 21, the work zone restricts traffic on Strange Street to just one lane at Queen, with traffic alternating in each direction, “for approximately two (2) weeks”, meaning as late as until September 1.

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  • Expect noise from from construction equipment including excavators, jackhammers, concrete trucks, loaders and a hydro-vacuum truck.
  • To protect and safely verify locations of buried utilities, crews use non-mechanical excavation methods — hydro-vacuuming — when working within two metres of any utility.
  • They will position site lighting downward and away from residential properties.
  • Crews have set up signs to warn pedestrians and motorists of closures. They’ve also set up traffic barrels, fencing and barricades to prevent pedestrians, cyclists and motorists from entering the work zone.
  • “Paid-duty” Toronto Police Service officers or traffic-control personnel are present to safely direct pedestrians, cyclists and motorists through or around the work zone.