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Howard Park construction: TTC detour, starting August 5

Starting Sunday, July 30, the City of Toronto is closing

  • Howard Park Avenue between Roncesvalles Avenue and Dundas Street West

to accommodate contractors who are replacing the water main.

Starting Saturday, August 5, the TTC is detouring streetcars along this route, while the street is closed:

Construction on Howard Park Avenue and the resulting TTC detour continue until October 7.

Although construction blocks the street starting July 30, the TTC doesn’t start detouring the cars until August 4, due to “bridge work” further eastward along the route on Dundas Street West.

During this diversion, TTC crews complete other work in the area including:

  • overhead infrastructure work at High Park Loop; and
  • concrete repairs on Howard Park Avenue between Indian Grove and Indian Road.

506 Carlton

From Sunday, July 31 until Saturday, October 7, eastbound cars start their trips in Dundas West Station terminal, then proceed:

eastward along Edna Avenue;
south- and southeastward along Dundas Street West to Howard Park Avenue,
resuming their regular path eastward along Dundas West.

Eastbound cars skip their regular stops

  • in High Park Loop,
  • on Howard Park Avenue beyond Parkside Drive and at Indian Road, Roncesvalles Avenue and Dundas Street West.

Instead, eastbound cars drop off or pick up passengers at temporary stops

  • in Dundas West Station terminal,
  • on Edna Avenue at Dundas Street West and
  • on Dundas Street West beyond Roncesvalles Avenue and at Howard Park Avenue.

Westbound cars operate along their regular route to Dundas Street West and Howard Park Avenue, then detour:

northwest- and northward along Dundas Street West; and then
westward into Dundas West Station terminal,
ending their trips.

Westbound cars skip their regular stops

  • on Howard Park Avenue at Roncesvalles Avenue, Indian Road and Parkside Drive and
  • in High Park Loop.

Instead, westbound cars drop off or pick up passengers at temporary stops

  • on Dundas Street West across from Roncesvalles Avenue and at Bloor Street West and
  • in Dundas West Station terminal.