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TTC removing and replacing tiles, ceiling and wall panels in some subway stations

Starting “August 2023” — perhaps as early as Tuesday, August 1 — the TTC is replacing tiles, ceilings and wall panels in some of its subway stations as part of various projects to improve, upgrade and maintain the stations or add safety features.

The stations where the TTC is replacing the tiles and panels include:

  • Bay;
  • Chester;
  • Christie;
  • College;
  • Donlands;
  • Dundas West;
  • Dupont;
  • Greenwood;
  • Keele;
  • King;
  • Lansdowne;
  • Museum;
  • Queen’s Park;
  • Royal York;
  • Runnymede;
  • Sherbourne;
  • Spadina;
  • St Patrick;
  • Summerhill;
  • Wellesley;
  • Wilson;
  • Yorkdale; and
  • York Mills.

Crews have already removed tiles, ceiling and wall panels at some stations to assess the condition of the wall and the utility services behind these panels. The TTC will be replacing those areas with new wall panels. Crews are upgrading and relocating various services behind these panels, including upgrading the fire-prevention system and sprinkler lines, electrical conduits and pipes.

At stations where the TTC is planning major retrofits for future elevators or second exit / entrances), crews are removing station finishes to investigate the condition of the walls for these future station features. Art is an important component of upgrading stations upgrades and the TTC will be installing art by co-ordinating the installations with ongoing work to replace the tiles. You can view the chosen art concepts for stations that are undergoing major retrofits here.

Crews work to remove and replace tiles and wall panels will take place in phases over the next few years (during non-service hours) to reduce the timeline for disrupting passengers. For safety reasons, workers need to access the subway areas / track level when the subway is not operating and to schedule work in areas when passengers are not present in pathways or on platforms.

This work does not impact subway service.