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Metrolinx reducing price to buy PRESTO cards, August 8

Starting Tuesday, August 8, Metrolinx is lowering the cost of a PRESTO card to $4 from the current price of $6. The price covers the cost of manufacturing and distributing the physical cards.

Metrolinx still makes most local transit fares free for passengers connecting between participating agencies and GO Transit. When a passenger uses a PRESTO card for both legs of a trip, the discount applies automatically. This features is active for most transit agencies in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton area — except the area’s biggest agency, the TTC.

Passengers can also tap with an InteracĀ® debit or credit card, including those on a phone or watch, to pay fares on GO Transit, UP Express and the participating transit systems. Later this summer, Metrolinx says, TTC passengers can also tap a credit or debit card to pay fares.

Also according to Metrolinx, it will soon offer passengers the option of using PRESTO cards in smartphone wallets.