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Springhurst / Dufferin and Dufferin Gate Loop construction: TTC detour, starting September 5

Update — Friday, September 15, 8:29 a.m.: The TTC has announced that “due to work by Toronto Water” buses along the 29 Dufferin and 929 Dufferin expres routes “will not service Springhurst Loop” from 7 a.m. until 8 p.m. each day Friday, September 15, and from Monday, September 18 until Friday, September 22. The TTC has not confirmed whether this detour results from this construction project or whether it’s due to a separate water-service project.

Starting Monday, September 11, the City of Toronto and the TTC are renewing the aging streetcar tracks

  • in parts of Dufferin Gate Loop and
  • on Springhurst Avenue between Fort Rouille and Dufferin Streets.

The City is also replacing the water main and the City-owned portion of substandard water services

  • on Fort Rouille Street and
  • on Springhurst Avenue between Fort Rouille Street and east of Dufferin Street.


Construction takes place during two phases.

  • Phase 1 - From September 11 until October 7 : City contractors replace the water main on Fort Rouille and Springhurst.
  • Phase 2 - From October 8 “until late December” (meaning as late as until December 31): the TTC replaces the tracks in Dufferin Gate Loop and on Springhurst.

Starting Tuesday, September 5, the TTC is detouring streetcars along this route during phase 1 construction:

The detour only affects streetcars along the 504B branch of the route in the west end. Cars serving the 504A branch continue to operate along their regular path. In the east end, streetcars along both branches start and end their trips in Distillery Loop during ongoing construction on Broadview Avenue.

504 King - dufferin-loop-SPP.png

Construction at Springhurst / Dufferin and in Dufferin Gate Loop and the resulting detour for route 504B continue until December 31.

The City is co-ordinating this project with ongoing work to repair the Dufferin Street Bridge over the Frederick G. Gardiner Expressway and the GO Transit tracks.

Crews excavate and break concrete from 7 a.m. until 11 p.m. The TTC explains that “Concrete-breaking work is the most disruptive and will typically last the first 1-2 days for each phase of the construction. Around-the-clock work during rail installation by TTC is required to preserve the integrity and quality of new rail and concrete. Overnight rail work by TTC may consist of moving new rail into position, rail installation and rail welding / grinding.

The work zone restricts traffic to just a single lane in both directions on Springhurst Avenue and Fort Rouille Street. On Springhurst, both lanes of traffic flow on the north side of the street. On Fort Rouille, traffic flows in the curb lanes.

504B King

From Tuesday, September 5 until Sunday, December 31, eastbound cars start their trips in Roncesvalles Carhouse, then proceed:

southward along Roncesvalles Avenue; and then
southeast- and eastward along King Street West to Dufferin Street,
resuming their regular path eastward along King West.

Eastbound cars skip their regular stops

  • in Dufferin Gate Loop and
  • on Dufferin Street at Liberty Street and King Street West.

Instead, eastbound cars drop off or pick up passengers at temporary stops

  • on Roncesvalles Avenue at The Queensway and
  • on King Street West across from Wilson Park Road and at Dowling, Jameson, Dunn and Spencer avenues and Dufferin Street.

Westbound cars reverse the eastbound detour routing.

Westbound cars skip their regular stops

  • on Dufferin Street across from Liberty Street and at Springhurst Avenue and
  • in Dufferin Gate Loop.

Instead, westbound cars drop off or pick up passengers at temporary stops

  • on King Street West across from Spencer Avenue and at Dunn, Jameson and Dowling Avenues, Wilson Park Road and Queen Street West.

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