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Uptown Core construction affects Oakville Transit service, starting September 25

Update — Friday, September 29, 3:35 p.m.: Construction on Taunton Road again blocks Oakville Transit bus access to the terminal Monday, October 2.

Starting Monday, September 25, construction activity on Taunton Road near Uptown Core terminal blocks bus access to the terminal.

Instead, Oakville Transit buses along these routes drop off or pick up passengers at temporary stops beside the terminal, instead of their regular bus bays in the terminal:

  • 1 Trafalgar
  • 5 / 5A Dundas;
  • 19 River Oaks;
  • 20 Northridge; and
  • 24 South Common Centre.

Construction on Taunton Road near Uptown Core Terminal continues to affect Oakville Transit service until September 27.