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No subway service, November 18, 19: St George to St Andrew

2023 - 11-18 - St George to St Andrew.png

The TTC is closing Line 1 Yonge - University subway between St George and St Andrew stations Saturday, November 18 and Sunday, November 19. Line 1 trains operate only between Vaughan Metropolitan and St George stations and between Finch and St Andrew stations that day.

The TTC isn’t operating shuttle buses during the closure, it says, “because of ongoing construction along the route, which will impact the consistency of service for the shuttle buses.”

The TTC is advising passengers travelling downtown to consider boarding streetcars along the 510 Spadina route at Spadina Station and then transferring to east-west streetcars or buses at College Street or Dundas, Queen or King streets west. It’s also encouraging you to consider travelling along the Yonge branch of the route, instead of the University branch.

Most stations on the closed section of the subway remain open so you can buy or pay fares or connect with TTC buses and streetcars. However, Museum, Queen’s Park and St Patrick stations are closed.

Extra standby Wheel-Trans vehicles are available throughout the downtown area. The TTC is also assigning extra staff will be available at all downtown stations to help you find your way.

While this part of the subway line is closed, TTC crews are maintaining and repairing the tracks. And, the TTC continues to upgrade station finishes at Queen’s Park and St. Patrick stations.

According to a TTC news release, “While the TTC does most subway maintenance at the conclusion of service each night, it continues to require weekend and early weeknight closures to complete critical infrastructure and state-of-good-repair work.”

The TTC is closing this section of Line 1 once more during the next few weeks:

  • Saturday, December 9 and Sunday, December 10 — St George to St Andrew — track work.