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Single-track subway operation, May 4 and 5: Wilson to Lawrence West

2024 - 05-04 - Wilson to Lawrence West.png

Saturday, May 4 and Sunday, May 5, the TTC is operating Line 1 Yonge - University subway trains in both directions along the southbound tracks only between Wilson and Lawrence West stations. TTC cews

During single-track operation, both south- and northbound trains alternate along the northbound tracks. The TTC is operating a subway shuttle train between Wilson and Lawrence West. The subway shuttle train operates along the northbound track, to accommodate “structural maintenance work” on the southbound tracks.

You must board southbound trains on the northbound platforms at Wilson and Yorkdale stations. You’ll have to change trains at Wilson and Lawrence West stations. You may also have to wait for trains longer than usually. Expect delays as much as 20 minutes for your trip.

If you require Wheel-Trans service, speak with any TTC customer service staff member for help or directions.

In a news release, the transit agency explains that, “While the TTC does most subway maintenance at the conclusion of service each night, it continues to require weekend and early weeknight closures to complete critical infrastructure and state-of-good-repair work.”