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Davenport Garage

Text by Godfrey Mallion, with additional information by Robert Lubinski.

Davenport Garage was built in 1925 as the Main Garage for all gasoline-powered TTC, and later, Gray Coach vehicles. It was located immediately north of the TTC's Hillcrest Complex, where the system's main maintenance and repairs took place. Davenport commenced operations with the premium-fare HILL coach route on September 14, 1925.

As originally built Davenport Garage had two 10,000 gallon underground gasoline storage tanks. Gasoline was distributed to all other garages from Davenport.

The lower level of this two-story facility was used as a repair shop, with 10 repair pits in constant use. A "free stores" area for parts and materials for bus maintenance was also located on the lower level. The upper level was the divisional operating garage, equipped with 4 inspection pits and a wash rack.

The "ball yard" area at Hillcrest was used for bus parking for Davenport. This is visible in pictures from the 1970s and 1980s, where it was used to store many PCCs before they were scrapped. Prior to using the open "ball yard" area, most bus parking at Davenport was along the garage building and around the west side of the Harvey Shops building.

The 4 solid-tired bus fleet of 1921 grew to ninety city buses (red paint) and coaches (gray paint) by 1927.

In 1992, near the end of service Davenport Garage operated NFIL D40-88, OBI ORION V, GMC T6H-5307N, and D-901 city buses. The garage fleet had grown to 157 buses.

In the midst of declining ridership and cutbacks of the 1990s, the Commission has closed Davenport Garage on January 4, 1993, making it the first TTC facility to close since the depression of the 1930s.

Today, Davenport Garage sits mostly vacant, although the TTC plans to repuropse the garage for its Training and Vehicle Engineering staff, or to set up a transit museum.


At the time of the closure, Davenport operated the following routes as of December 30, 1991:

Davenport Garage Image Archive


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