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Malvern Garage Tour, February 8, 2015

Text and pictures by Lex Reid

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On February 8, 2015 I got a tour of Toronto Transit Commission’s Malvern Garage by a TTC Employee. We went through many parts of the yard including the repair area, driver waiting area, bus parking bays, and the driver dispatch area. In the yard there was a bunch of sidelined Orion VII hybrids getting their batteries repaired due to the cold weather. I also got to meet some bus operators, and mechanics.

I got to see one of the last remaining Orion V buses, #7013. We boarded the bus and I was allowed to start her up, with the help of a lot of instruction from my guide. I got to kneel the bus, test the Ramp and doors, and also the Luminator sign. I also got to test the Novabus LFS Artic #9093, starting it up, and playing with the Luminator sign.

We then went on to the dispatch area, which showed the current buses that were on service that day on Malvern’s many routes, including 85 SHEPPARD EAST, 95 YORK MILLS, 53 STEELES EAST, 130 MIDDLEFIELD and 129 McCOWAN NORTH. After the dispatch area, we toured the repair area and saw a whole pack of Orion VII Hybrid buses, including buses 1734, 1754, 1101, and 1752, getting repaired from the weather, receiving transmission upgrades, and so on.

As the tour came to an close we went through the operator waiting area and saw where the drivers got to relax and wait for their upcoming run.

I hoped you enjoyed my little story about my tour at Malvern Complex and enjoy the pictures below!

Malvern Garage Tour Image Archive

Thanks to Jelo Gutierrez Cantos for his corrections to this piece.

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