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The Orion IV Bus

Text by James Bow and Robert Lubinski

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On TTC rosters, the Ontario Bus Industries Orion class vehicle makes an odd jump. Versions 1, 2, 3 and 5 all served some time on the Commission, so where is the Orion IV?

The Orion IV was an unusual custom-built design commissioned by the Niagara Parks Commission. The NPC was looking for a people mover to serve tourists getting around Niagara Falls. Rather than invest in the infrastructure for a rail-based or monorail-based people mover, they wanted a rubber-tired vehicle that could ply city streets. Despite these vehicles being no different than a bus, the NPC did not want something that looked like a bus.

In 1985, Ontario Bus Industries produced the Orion IV “People Mover”, a bus and trailer designed to look more like a futuristic tourist ride than a conventional bus. This two-unit bus train had a powered 37.5 foot “tractor” unit coupled to a 35.5 foot “trailer”. Eleven tractor-trailor units were purchased by the NPC in all. Another experimental feature was that these buses operated using liquified petroleum gas, to offer a quieter ride with fewer emissions.

The people mover buses served Niagara Falls for decades, before being retired around 2012 and replaced by a conventional bus network.

Orion IV Image Archive


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