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The New Look/Fishbowl 8051 Farewell Charter (March 25, 2000)

Text by James Bow, Photos by Robert King.

On Saturday, March 25, 2000, Toronto-area bus enthusiasts chartered TTC GM New Look bus #8051, one of the last New Look Fishbowls, for what was then to be a farewell charter organized by the Toronto Transportation Society. The bus roamed the TTC network and stopped at many loops, particularly loops which were familiar stopping points for Toronto's old trolley buses. Ray Neilson supplied the trolley bus rollsign and Joe supplied the Wilson linen.

Robert King was on this charter, and here are some of his photographs.

GM New Look 8051 Charter Image Archive

After a last photo shoot, the bus headed to Finch Station to let off its passengers for the end of an enjoyable day.

Special thanks again to the organizers for planning an excellent charter and taking the extra time to make sure everyone enjoyed themselves. Stay tuned to our bus charter page to learn about more events like these being held in the future.

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