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185 Don Mills Rocket (2016-2018)

Compiled by James Bow and Pete Coulman

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March 27, 2016

Service begins on the 185 DON MILLS ROCKET, a seven day a week limited stop “rocket” service paralleling the 25 DON MILLS bus route, partially replacing sections of the 139 FINCH-DON MILLS service between Don Mills station and Finch Avenue East. Buses operate from Pape Station on the BLOOR-DANFORTH subway line via west on Lipton, north on Pape, north on Leaside Bridge, north on Millwood, east on Overlea, north on Don Mills, through Don Mills station, and north on Don Mills again to Steeles, looping via east on Steeles, south on Townsend and west on Freshmeadow Drive to Don Mills before heading back to Pape Station over the reverse route.

Northbound buses stop only at Cosburn Avenue, both legs of Thorncliffe Park Drive, Don Mills Road/Gateway Boulevard (south leg, north side), St. Dennis Drive (Ontario Science Centre), Eglinton Avenue East, Green Belt Drive, Lawrence Avenue East, York Mills Road, Graydon Hall Drive, Parkway Forest Drive, Don Mills station, Van Horne Avenue, Finch Avenue East, McNicoll Avenue, Steeles Avenue East, and Freshmeadow Drive/Don Mills Road. Southbound buses stop only at McNicoll Avenue, Finch Avenue East, Van Horne Avenue, Don Mills Station, Havenbrook Boulevard, Duncan Mill Road, York Mills Road, Lawrence Avenue East, Barber Greene Road, Eglinton Avenue East, St. Dennis Drive (Ontario Science Centre), Overlea Boulevard/Don Mills Road (west side), both legs of Thorncliffe Park Drive, Cosburn Avenue, and Pape Station.

Service is blended with the 25 DON MILLS and operates seven days a week except after 10 p.m. on weekdays and after 7 p.m. on weekends and holidays.








Monday to Friday, 18 hours a day
Weekend and holidays, daytime

January 8, 2017

As a temporary measure to maintain reliable service during the EGLINTON-CROSSTOWN LRT construction, a temporary express stop is placed in both directions within the “Peanut”, northbound at Godstone Road and southbound at 2980 Don Mills Road. Additional running time is also added to the service. No changes to destination signs.

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Last day of service. The next day service is renumbered and renamed 925 DON MILLS EXPRESS as part of the TTC’s rebranding of its express bus services.

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