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3 Kingsway (1968-1980)

Compiled by Peter Coulman
with maps by Alan Gryfe


May 11, 1968

Coincident with the opening of the Bloor/Danforth Subway extensions, the route name “Kingsway Bus” will apply to a new Zone 2 service provided between Jane Street and Highway #27, via Bloor and Dundas Streets. This service is designed primarily to provide transfer connections with intersecting Zone 2 routes at the Islington, Royal York, Old Mill and Jane Subway Stations. Passengers boarding may continue their journey within Zone 2 boundary, without paying the additional Zone 1 fare on the Subway.

Routing, Looping

From Jane Station via south on Armadale, west on Bloor, north on Dunbloor, west on Dundas, to Cloverdale Mall. Buses will loop clockwise around the traffic island just west of Roydon. Service to return east on Dundas, north on Jopling, east on Bloor, south on Kipling, around the south-west cloverleaf at the Six Points interchange, then east on Bloor, north on Jane to Jane Station.

SERVICE PROVIDED Monday through Saturday, all day.

  • SUNDAYS AND HOLIDAYS - Service will terminate westerly at Kipling Avenue (Six Points interchange) looping via Dunbloor, Dundas, Beamish, Bloor, Kipling, south-west cloverleaf to Bloor Street.

Fare Collection

Entirely Zone 2, pay enter, free leave.

(Editor’s Note: The TTC maintained a zone fare system until 1972, primarily a series of concentric circles around the Queen/Yonge intersection, with the “city” or “Zone 1” fare boundary roughly corresponding to the old City of Toronto and portions of the boroughs of York and East York. By 1968, Metropolitan Toronto was divided into two fare zones. When the Bloor-Danforth subway was extended to Islington and Warden in 1968, it passed this zone boundary at both ends. The TTC decided it was most effective to consider the entire subway to be within Zone 1, so passengers travelling to and from downtown could pay their additional fare when they transferred between Zone 1 subway trains and Zone 2 buses. But what if someone in Zone 2 needed to travel along Bloor Street, west of the Humber River, to a destination that was still in Zone 2? The 3 KINGSWAY bus was created for this purpose, replacing a portion of the 50 KINGSWAY bus, and taking the number 3 as the number 50 remained with a branch of the old KINGSWAY service, now renamed 50 BURNHAMTHORPE. 3 KINGSWAY remained in service for eight years after the two-zone system within Metropolitan Toronto disappeared, however, possibly because it provided a popular service supporting the Kingsway shopping district. —jb)



J A N E   S T N

Monday to Saturday, 18 hours a day



J A N E   S T N

Sunday and holidays, 18 hours a day

August 11, 1970

The Commission at its meeting of this date approved the extension of route and change in the west end looping of the Kingsway Bus Route from the former loop immediately east of Highway #27 to the current loop immediately west of Highway #27 via west on Dundas, south, east and north on Domino to Dundas to route.


February 7, 1971

Route extended from west of Hwy #27 to Evans Ave. west of Islington.


From Jane Station via south on Armadale, west on Bloor to Six Points Interchange, west on Dundas, south and east on Domino, then continue south on West Mall, east on Evans to Evans Loop (just west of Islington), counterclockwise through Loop and return same routing to Jane Loop.


18 hours per day, 7 days per week including holidays


In conjunction with the above extension, the present Sunday and Holiday short-turn service between Jane and Kipling discontinued.



E V A N S   A V E
J A N E   S T N

7 days a week, 18 hours a day

February 24, 1971

Coincident with the opening of the Sherway Shopping Centre, buses to operate in both directions via a section of the Sherway Mall “Ring Road” on a trial basis.


November 26, 1972

Service to operate between Jane Station and The West Mall as follows:

WB - South on Armadale, west on Bloor, north on Dunbloor, west on Dundas, south on West Mall Crescent, north on the West Mall

EB - East on Bloor, south on the East Mall, east on Dundas, north on Jopling, east on Bloor, south on Kipling, via Six Points traffic interchange, east on Bloor.

(Editor’s Note: Service on the West Mall was replaced by an extension of 87 WEST MALL, and service on Evans was replaced by the new 15 EVANS route)



W E S T   M A L L
J A N E   S T N

7 days a week, 18 hours a day

November 22, 1980

In conjunction with the opening of the westerly extension of the Bloor/Danforth subway to Kipling Station, the 3 KINGSWAY route is discontinued, replaced by an extension of the 49 BLOOR WEST. route (Editor’s Note: From 1968 to 1980 49 BLOOR WEST operated on Bloor Street west of Islington Station. On November 22, 1980, it was revised to operate west of Kipling station, with a branch (49A) extending service east of Kipling to Jane station).

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