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40 Junction-Dundas West

Complied by Jelo Gutierrez Cantos

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October 13, 2019

As part of the Junction Area Study, service begins on the new 40 JUNCTION-DUNDAS WEST bus, replacing parts of the 30 LAMBTON and 40 JUNCTION Buses, designated as branch 40A, operate from Dundas West station, north and west on Dundas Street West, south on Cordova Avenue, west and north on Mabelle Avenue, west on Dundas Street West, south Dunbloor Road, south and west “the new Dundas Street West”, south Kipling Avenue, west Viking Lane, south and west St. Albans Road to Kipling stations, with buses returning via reverse route.

Service also begins on the 40B branch with buses running from Dundas West station, north and west on Dundas Street West, looping north on Jane Street, east on St Clair Avenue and south on Runnymede Road, with eastbound buses returning to Dundas Street West in reverse.

Service operates 7 days a week whenever the subway is open and operates out of Queensway garage.











7 days a week, 18 hours a day








7 days a week, 18 hours a day








7 days a week, 18 hours a day

March 30, 2020

Because of the restrictions set due to the global coronavirus outbreak, buses on the 40B “Jane” branch is temporarily discontinued on weekdays. This branch continues to operate on weekends and holidays.

Daily service on the 40A “Kipling Station” branch continues to run 7 days a week.

Early April 2022

Due to trackwork taking place at Dundas West station, the station’s terminal is temporarily closed and routes serving the station are diverted away. Buses on the 40 JUNCTION-DUNDAS WEST route are revised to operate over their normal route from Kipling to Dupont and then via east on Dupont and south on Lansdowne Avenue, looping counter-clockwise via Paton Road and Wade Avenue to connect with the subway at Lansdowne station.

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