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78 Runnymede South (1968-1980)


78 RUNNYMEDE SOUTH shared the 71 RUNNYMEDE transfer with a PARKSIDE route that was planned but never materialized. The hole punch indicates this transfer was issued on buses serving 78 RUNNYMEDE SOUTH.

Compiled by Peter Coulman
Originally published on Alan Gryfe’s Route Histories.

Thanks to William Paul for his corrections to this article

May 11, 1968

Coincident with the extension of the BLOOR-DANFORTH SUBWAY from Keele to Islington stations, the 71 RUNNYMEDE bus service is split at Runnymede station. Effective on this day, service begins on the 78 RUNNYMEDE SOUTH bus operating south from Runnymede station via south on Runnymede Road, west on Morningside and south on Windemere to loop via west on the Queensway, north on Southport and east on Windemere Place to return via north on Windemere over the reverse route. Service operates out of Lansdowne garage with two buses providing ten minute headways.




7 days a week, 18 hours a day

September 7, 1971

The southern loop is altered to operate via south on Coe Hill, west on the Queensway and north on Windemere.

November 21, 1980

At the request of Etobicoke Council, the 78 RUNNYMEDE SOUTH route is merged back into 71 RUNNYMEDE, providing a continuous, no-transfer ride from St. Clair Avenue to the Queensway.

A dedicated route for Runnymede south of Runnymede station would reappear on January 7, 2001 with the launch of 77 SWANSEA, although this is primarily for rider identification. The route remains interlined with 71 RUNNYMEDE and 79 SCARLETT ROAD for a no-transfer ride from north of Bloor to the Queensway.

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