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941 Keele Express

Compiled by James Bow

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November 19, 2018

As part of TTC’s initative to rebrand its express service under the Express Network umbrella, service begins on the new 941 KEELE EXPRESS route, replacing the 41E KEELE EXPRESS route during rush hours. Buses operate from Keele station via north on Keele, east on St. Clair Avenue West, north on Old Weston Road, west on Rogers Road, north on Keele, north on Trethewey, northeast on Yore and north on Keele to Four Winds Drive at Finch West station. Northbound buses only stop at Keele Station, Keele Street & Dundas Street West, Keele Street, and St Clair Avenue West, Keele Street & Rogers Road, Donald Avenue, Eglinton Avenue West, Ingram Drive, Lawrence Avenue West, Falstaff Avenue, Wilson Avenue, Sheppard Avenue West, Finch West Station (on-street). Buses return via south on Keele, southwest on Yore, south on Trethewey, south on Keele, west on Rogers, south on Weston and south on Keele to Keele station. Southbound buses stop only at Finch West Station (on-street), Sheppard Avenue West, Wilson Avenue, Falstaff Avenue, Lawrence Avenue West, Gulliver Road, Eglinton Avenue West, Donald Avenue, Keele Street & Rogers Road, Weston Road & Rogers Road, Keele Street, and St Clair Avenue West (far side), Keele Street & Dundas Street West, Keele Station.








Monday to Friday, rush hours only

October 13, 2019

Two new express stops are added on St. Regis Crescent (northbound), and at Whitburn Crescent / Downsview Park Boulevard (southbound).

Monday, February 17, 2020

To reduce congestion at Finch West station, buses on this route are rerouted to travel via north on Keele, east and south on Tangier’s Road, and west on the bus terminal roadway to terminate and recover in the terminal driveway. Southbound service starts from here, but the first in-service stop on Keele Street at Finch Avenue West remains unchanged.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Due to disruptions resulting from the COVID-19 epidemic, all service on this route is suspended with buses reallocated to parallel local routes for the duration.

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Officially, due to renovations at Keele station closing the bus terminal there, service on this route is supposed to be extended south of the station to allow the buses to turn around. Southbound buses operate over the normal route to Keele station, letting passengers out on the street, and then deadhead via south on Parkside Drive, east on Howard Park Avenue, north on Roncesvalles Avenue and west on Bloor Street West to King Street. It is anticipated that this change will continue until autumn. Of course, with service suspended due to COVID-19, this change doesn’t happen.

Sunday, September 6, 2020

Sunday, September 6, 2020

With ongoing construction closing Keele station’s loop, but construction complete at High Park loop, 941 KEELE EXPRESS services, should they be operating (which they aren’t due to COVID-19) are rerouted from their temporary terminal at High Park station to High Park loop. Buses operate over their regular route to Keele station and continue south on Parkside to Howard Park before turning west and south into High Park loop.

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