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Beach/Beaches Special (1956-1965)

Compiled by Peter Coulman
Map by James Bow

92 Woodbine South Route Map


June 30th, 1956

A new summer service, operating only on weekends and holidays, starts running on this day from the intersection of Danforth and Woodbine, south on Woodbine to Queen, looping counterclockwise via east on Queen, south on Kippendavie, east on Kew Gardens, north on Kenilworth and west on Queen to Woodbine. One bus operating from Russell Division provides a 20 minute service. Double-punched SHERBOURNE transfers used. Service ends on September 3rd.


Summer weekends and holidays

July 13, 1957

Summer service resumes, except with the route now looping via west on Queen, south on Coxwell and east on Keating Extension (today’s Lakeshore Bouelvard?) to Woodbine. Service ends on August 18.


June 30, 1963

New summer service established, looping at the north end via Strathmore, Cedarvale and Milverton, running south on Woodbine to Queen, west on Queen to Eastern and south and west on Eastern to Coxwell, south on Coxwell to Lakeshore. From there, buses run east on Lakeshore, through the Beach Parking Area, to Woodbine, running north from there to return to the route. Service initially looped at Queen via Kippendavie, Kew Beach west to Woodbine, but this was altered to provide service closer to the beaches. Service operated at 15 minute intervals out of Danforth Division.

Zone 1 fares and transfers provided. Service ends on September 2nd.

June 28, 1964

Summer service resumes, on same routing as previous year. Service ends September 7.

June 27, 1965

The BEACHES SPECIAL service resumes for the summer, running on the same route as the previous year, until September 6th.


Summer weekends and holidays

June 26, 1966 - September 5, 1966 and June 25, 1967 - September 4, 1967

In place of the BEACHES SPECIAL, a branch of of the 91 WOODBINE bus is extended south of Queen Street to the Beaches Olympic Pool and Woodbine Beach. Buses on the 91C branch follow the 91B to Queen and then loop via west on Queen, south on Coxwell, east on Lakeshore, through the Beaches Parking Lot, east on Lakeshore and north on Woodbine to return to the route. Service operated at 15 minute intervals replacing 91B buses at all times save during rush hours.




During summer, all times other than Monday to Friday rush hours.

The June 1966 issue of Headlights states, “Starting June 26th, 1966 the WOODBINE SOUTH bus route will be extended south of Queen to the Beaches Olympic Pool” for the summer (see the article here). Again, the map beside this blurb shows a 91B bus heading south to Queen, and a 91C branch running in dotted lines as the summer extension to the pool.

Effective May 11, 1968, the southern 91B and 91C branches of WOODBINE are replaced by 92 WOODBINE SOUTH. The summer service of the BEACHES SPECIAL is now provided by the 92A branch of WOODBINE SOUTH.

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