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Sheppard (1949-1952)


Compiled by Jeffrey Kay
Map by John Calnan

December 5, 1949

Service established on a new Monday through Friday rush hour route serving Sheppard Avenue between Wilfred (two blocks east of Willowdale) and Addington (one block west of Senlac). This route operated under contract with the Township of North York, and was divided into two fare zones at Yonge Street. The cash fare for each zone was ten cents for adults and three cents for children. Tickets were sold at the rate of four for twenty-five cents for adults, seven for twenty-five cents for students and ten for twenty-five cents for children.

November 12, 1951

Service extended at the east end via east on Sheppard, south on Bayview, west on York Mills and south on Yonge to Glen Echo loop, connecting with the Yonge streetcar. Buses returned to Addington over the reverse route.

The service is divided into four fare zones with the boundaries at York Mills and Bayview, Bayview and Sheppard, and at Sheppard and Yonge.

August 5, 1952

Service amended at the west end to loop via south on Easton, east on Johnson and north on Walker, replacing the wye at Addington. A new peak service operates a limited number of trips on Sheppard between Easton and Wilfred. These new trips loop in the east end via north on Wilfred, west on Hillcrest and south on Willowdale.

October 14, 1952

Service east of Wilfred is discontinued, with buses now operating from a wye at Sheppard and Addington via east on Sheppard and north on Wilfred to wye at Maplehurst, one block north of Sheppard. The entire route now operates within a single fare zone.

December 31, 1952

Last day of operation. Service discontinued due to lack of ridership. It wouldn’t be until 1958 until service was replaced by branches of the NORTH YONGE bus, although the BATHURST bus did start operating on a different section of Sheppard Avenue West in 1954. It wouldn’t be until 1963 before service began on a new 84 SHEPPARD route.

Notes on fares were provided to the author by Frank Culham.

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