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The TTC's Info Bus
(And Other Special Non-Revenue TTC Buses)

Text by James Bow
Modified from an article originally published by Alan Gryfe.

In the early 1980s, the TTC seemed to have a higher marketing budget, and it was more willing to promote itself to Torontonians through radio and television ads.

One such promotion was the InfoBus. The TTC took a General Motors GMDD TDH-5303 “New Look” (serial C075, originally numbered 3315), renumbered it 0015, removed the seats, blanked off the passenger windows, and turned it into a mobile information office and exhibit.

The InfoBus was often spotted at the Canadian National Exhibition or parked at Harbourfront during the summer tourist season. It also showed up for a number of open houses and the rapid transit openings of the period.

The InfoBus maintained its route rollsign, although a special rollsign was inserted, with the following exposures:



Better Way

Info Bus

No Stops

Welcome Aboard

Not In Service

615 Express

See Sign Below

The “Sign Below” likely referred to a small, auxiliary sign box which was added to the curb side of the front dash where regular TTC buses normally display their run number. This sign box was unique to TTC buses, and had the following exposures:

The Better Way


Have A
Nice Day


Not Run 16

No Stops

The “Not Run 16” was likely an inside joke.

The InfoBus was just one of a number of non-revenue buses the TTC used to operate. Others included:

  • 117 - GMC TDH-4507 s/n 2553 - Hoist test vehicle; ex 1171. Remained in regular service colours with only the final “1” painted out. Seats removed when converted and ballasted with sand, concrete and scrap metal. Retired in 1982.
  • 266 - MCI MC-8 s/n S11296 - Transit Trainer mobile classroom; ex GCL 2266, 1986. Painted white with a red stripe.
  • 571 - GMC PD-4104 s/n 2216 - Transit Trainer mobile classroom; ex GCL 1820. Painted maroon (upper) and white (lower), separated by a wide cream stripe running from the top front to bottom rear, and displaying both TTC and GCL emblems.
  • 792 - Ford 72T - Display only, owned by OERHA; originally Kitchener Transit 20.
  • 920 - GMC TDH-5301 s/n 598 - Hoist test vehicle; ex 2920. Seats removed, rear doors sealed and water ballast tank installed when converted in 1982. Painted red and cream.

TTC Info Bus Image Archive

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